About Us

Tours Nigeria is the trade mark and product of the company Grateful Life Leisure’s and Holidays, which is registered in Nigeria.

Tours Nigeria is a pioneer in selling unique local tours and creating exclusive packages to various tourist attractions within Nigeria. Tours Nigeria is the leading destination management company in Nigeria, which has managed to control a major market share within the tourism sector of Nigeria.

Tourism in Nigeria is a relatively young industry, with an exceptional potential for growth due to several factors, such as; Government trends towards tourism development and investment, fast growing Airline companies, newly developed, high standard infrastructure – Luxury hotels, globally recognized landmarks and projects, well renowned shopping experience, favorable climate, unique service levels, are all catering for the current tourism trends of the international and local travelers.


Tours Nigeria is dedicated to providing high quality packages and unique local tour experience for our clients at a reasonable price and in accordance with the highest standards. We also maintain a friendly, relaxed, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.


Tours Nigeria strategy is to maintain the leading tour operator’s position in Nigeria by providing the guaranteed high level of service and by establishing long-term relations with tourists who care for comfort.

Keys to Success

  • Dedication to providing the highest quality tours and experience.
  • Satisfy our customers so they will return again and again.
  • Give back to the environment and community.
Unique products
  • Tours Nigeria is a pioneer in creating exclusive and unique products, to enhance the tourism attractions within Nigeria. Our professional, dedicated, well trained and passionate team, supported by a wise and active management, is a guarantee for success.
  • We believe in partnerships and strategic alliances, joining forces to achieve even higher targets, with a main aim to establish strategic partnerships with similar organizations of great vision, to empower own expansion and future growth plans. Our International and local knowledge, expertise, reputation and credible brand name is the key to success for us.